Osteopath Melbourne CBD

Queen Street City Location

We are located on the 9th floor at 85 Queen Street, Melbourne CBD. Very central, very easy to find.

What to Expect

Osteopaths take thorough case histories and ask several questions about what type of pain you are experiencing, when it started, and how it started.

There are multiple ways in which the body can show pain, and multiple ways in which we can help get rid of it!

Once we have a good "version of events" we then check to see if any structural changes match what you've told us, by doing a series of Orthopaedic and Osteopathic assessments and tests.

Once we have done that - sometimes you are referred for further imaging, but mostly we can move into proper treatment to help take care of your primary complaint.

All this is done in a 30-45 minute time frame.

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Melbourne Clinic

A: Level 9, 85 Queen Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000

P: 9600-1125

Office Hours

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